Orienteering event Vilnius 2014

Invitation  download (.doc)

The organizers are pleased to invite you to the traditional 3-day orienteering event in Vilnius. The event is held annually since 1991.

Event organizer is orienteering sport club PERKŪNAS.
Event manager – Mindaugas Grašys.
Event head secretary – Darius Sadeckas.

The competition will take place on May 9-11, 2014 in the municipalities of Vilnius, Vilnius district and Trakai .

Day 1 (May 9, 2014). Short distance. Start at 17:00, (MTB-O – 16:00)
Day 2 (May 10, 2014). Long distance. Start at 11:00 (MTB-O – 10:00).
Day 3 (May 11, 2014). Middle distance. Start at 10:30 (pursuit for foot-o groups); (MTB-O – 9:30).

Day 1. (2014-05-09). Map – Vilnius old town (mapped and printed in 2013-2014).
Competition center will be in Vilnius old town.

Event center                                         

Vilnius old town - the oldest and largest Lithuanian old town. Numerous narrow historic streets create an irregular network, which makes orienteering in distinctly difficult. Many of the courtyards are private, but there are also many yards with open gates. There are several squares and small parks. The height difference between the highest and lowest places is 48 meters.

Map area is about 2 km2

Scale 1: 5000, contour interval of 2.5 meters.

Map drawn in 2013-2014.

Day 2 (2014-05-10). Map – Baravykinė (mapped and printed in 2014).
Competition center will be in Vilnius district municipality, about 32 km from Vilnius center, at Lithuania-Belarus state border.

Eventer center

Map area of good and medium runability forest. Terrain varied. Hills and slopes dominate. There are few marsh areas with small landforms. Moderate path and road network. The terrain is unique as it is a continuation of the legendary Kotlovka forest. The terrain borders with the Belarus state border.

Map area is about 10 km2

Scale 1: 10 000, contour interval of 2.5 meters.

Map drawn in 2014.

Day 3 (2014-05-11). Map - Rykantai (mapped and printed in 2012).
Competition center will be in Trakai district, about 27 km from Vilnius center.

Event center

Map area of good and medium runability forest. Terrain is varied. Hills, slopes and ravines dominate. There are also many areas of small landforms. Moderate path and road network.

Map area is about 6km2

Scale 1: 10 000, contour interval of 2.5 meters.

Map drawn in 2012.

Competition will be held in these classes:
M/W 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21E (elite), 21S (short), 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70.
M/W MBE (MTB-O elite), MBA (shorter course), MB14, MB16, MB18, MB40.
M/W 10 (controls points on roads or paths).
Open (an open classes with no entries in advance and no start lists).

SPORT Ident for all classes.
SPORT Ident card rent: M/W10-20, 65, 70 – 1 LTL/per day, other classes – 3 LTL/per day.

The winners will be determined by summing up the total time of the 3 days.
Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 competitors in each class (in M/W21E classes – to the first 6 competitors).

The deadline for entries is May 2, 2014. On-line entry form:

You can also send an entry by e-mail (name, surname, club, country, class, SI card number, and other necessary information).


M/W 10-18

M/W 20, 65, 70

M/W 21-60, MTB-O

3 days

1 day

3 days

1 day

3 days

1 day

before May 2, 2014

35 LTL

13 LTL

52 LTL

18 LTL

68 LTL

25 LTL

after May 2, 2014

(if there are vacancies)

50 LTL

17 LTL

70 LTL

25 LTL

100 LTL

35 LTL

Schoolchildren who enter MTB-O courses pay respective M/W 10-20 fee.
Open classes – 25 LTL/per day.
Discount (of 10%) is allowed for school teams of at least 25 members and for a families of at least 3 members. Discount is valid only if competitors participate all 3 days. It is necessary to specify the request for discount in the entry form.
For registered, but the defaulting participant, penalty should be paid (50% of entry fee).
Payment: AB Swedbank (bank code 73000, account no. LT337300010002447257) or cash at finish area.

Registration will be held 14:00 – 16:00 at the first day's (May 9, 2014) finish area.
Changes after May 2, 2014 will be accepted only in the same class for a fee of 2 LTL/per change. Change of class is treated as a new entry.

Accommodation options:,, You can find many other accommodation possibilities at

Mindaugas Grašys, tel. +370 684 11444
Tomas Stankevičius, tel. +370 687 11142
Darius Sadeckas, tel. +370 699 37127 or email